Long Term Disability


For many people, disability means an interruption in earnings that can put them financially at risk.  Even with group coverage, benefits may not be sufficient to cover the extraordinary costs of a severe disability.

The PIA Trust Long Term Disability Income Insurance Plan can provide protection weather you are totally disabled or disabled and working.  With no medical underwriting necessary (a pre-existing condition limitation may apply) and additional flexible options available, you can easily customize a plan to suit your own needs.

Product Offering
The PIA Trust Long Term Disability Income Insurance Plan helps protect your earnings when you become disabled as a result of injury and sickness as defined in the policy.

How Much Can Your Purchase?
You may apply for up to 60% of your monthly earnings, from a minimum of $200 to a maximum of $8,000 per month in $100 increments.  There is no medical underwriting, however a pre-existing condition limitation may apply.

Pre-Existing Condition Clause
We will not cover any disability that begins during the first 24 months after your effective date of insurance or increase in insurance if it is caused or contributed by a Pre-Existing Condition.

A Pre-Existing Condition is defined as an injury or sickness for which you were diagnosed by or received treatment from a physician or other licensed practitioner; took any drugs or medications; or had symptoms for which an ordinarily prudent person would have sought treatment within the 12 month period prior to your effective date of insurance or increase in insurance

Benefit Period Options
You have the choice of three benefit periods and may select the one which best suits your needs

  • to age 65 Benefit period
  • 5 year Benefit period
  • 2 year Benefit period

Policy terminates at age 70

Elimination Period

  • 90 days
  • 180 days

Who Is Eligible To Apply?
A person described below is an eligible person if he or she:

  • is under age 65 at time of application
  • works at least 30 hours per week; and
  • resides in the United States

Individual proprietors, partners, corporate officers, limited liability partners, and managers of Member Agencies who are principally engaged in the business of the Member Agency and who maintain current membership status in the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents;

Trustees of PIA Services Group Insurance Fund who maintain current membership status in the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents;

Persons employed as executive directors, department heads, division heads, or senior staff of the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents, a local PIA affiliate, or PIA Services, Inc

Licensed employees of Member Agencies;

Independent Producers who:

  • work exclusively for a Member Agency;
  • maintain current membership status in the Professional Insurance Agents;
  • receive from the Member Agency a monthly commission which, when combined with any draw against commission, equals an amount not less than minimum wage times 150 hours; and
  • are certified by the Member Agency as working at east 30 hours per week.

Employees of a Member Agency;

Employees of PIA Services Group Insurance Fund;

Employees of the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents or its local PIA affiliates and

Employees of PIA Services, Inc.

For complete highlights of this coverage, please download the Long Term Disability Insurance Brochure (268k pdf).

PIA National membership, when required, must be current at all times, please see the Eligibility section in the policy for membership exceptions.  

The complete listing of your coverage including exclusions and limitations can be found in the group policy/certificate.  If differences exist between this summary and the policy/certificate, the policy/certificate will govern.  To obtain a sample certificate, please contact the Plan Administrator.

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