Term Life Insurance


Mortgage payments, education, healthcare and daily living expenses continue for your family if something happens to you.  That's why it makes sense to seek financial protection with PIA Trust's Term Life Insurance Plans.

Basic Life Insurance
Coverage is only available if there is 100% participation of eligible employees and the employer contributes 100% of the premium.  There is no medical underwriting.  See brochure for eligible benefit amounts.  If these requirements are not satisfied, employees can apply under the Voluntary Life Insurance Program which is medically underwritten.  The Voluntary Life Insurance Program is also available to all members and employees who would like additional Life coverage

Voluntary & Dependent Life Insurance
A choice of a minimum of 1 unit to 30 units of insurance is available.  Each unit is equal to $10,000.
Eligible persons may apply for up to $300,000 or 30 units of insurance. (medically underwritten)
Eligible spouses may apply for up to $100,000 or 10 units of insurance. (medically underwritten)
Dependent children from ages 6 months to 19 years are eligible for $3,000 of insurance.
Children age 14 days to 6 months are eligible for $500. (not medically underwritten)
Michigan residents are only eligible for a maximum benefit amount of $180,000 when combining basic & voluntary life coverage.

Who Is Eligible To Apply?
A person described below is an eligible person if he or she:

  • is under age 65 at time of application
  • works at least 20 hours per week; and
  • resides in the United States

Individual proprietors, partners, corporate officers, limited liability partners, and managers of Member Agencies who are principally engaged in the business of the Member Agency and who maintain current membershop status in the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents;

Trustees of PIA Services Group Insurance Fund who maintain current membership status in the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents;

Persons employed as executive directors, department heads, division heads, or senior staff of the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents, a local PIA affiliate, or PIA Services, Inc

Licensed employees of Member Agencies;

Independent Producers who:

  • work exclusively for a Member Agency;
  • maintain current membership status in the Professional Insurance Agents;
  • receive from the Member Agency a monthly commission which, when combined with any draw against commission, equals an amount not less than minimum wage times 150 hours; and
  • are certified by the Member Agency as working at east 30 hours per week.

Employees of a Member Agency;

Employees of PIA Services Group Insurance Fund;

Employees of the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents or its local PIA affiliates and

Employees of PIA Services, Inc.

For complete highlights of this coverage, please download the Term Life Insurance Program Brochure (807k pdf)

PIA National membership, when required, must be current at all times, please see the Eligibility section in the policy  for membership exceptions.  

The complete listing of your coverage including exclusions and limitations can be found in the group policy/certificate.  If differences exist between this summary and the policy/certificate, the policy/certificate will govern.  To obtain a sample certificate, please contact the Plan Administrator.

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