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As a PIA member, you can choose from several high-quality, competitively priced insurance plans to help protect you, your employees and families.  You can customize your protection to best meet your family's insurance needs.  Your employees may apply for all of the following plans without your participation, except for Basic Life

Term Life Insurance Program
Mortgage payments, education, health care and daily living expenses continue for your family if something happens to you.  Help protect their financial future with $50,000 Basic Life Insurance available to Agency Owners/Managers and up to $30,000 for their employees.  This Basic Life coverage is only available if there is 100% participation of eligible employees and the employer contributes 100% of the premium.  There is no medical underwriting.  Additional term life insurance up to $300,000 is available through the Voluntary Life Insurance Program (medically underwritten).  If you have Basic or Voluntary Life, Dependent Term Life Insurance is also available with up to $100,000 for spouses (medically underwritten) and $3,000 for children

Short Term Disability
This plan can help replace up to 75% of your income for up to 30 months if you are unable to perform the material and substantial duties of your occupation.  You may choose up to $1,500 per month.

Long Term Disability
Consider how you would manage if a long-term disability reduced your earning power.  If you become disabled this plan can help replace up to 60% of your lost income on the base plan and up to 100% in the event of a catastrophic disability.  The base plan offers monthly benefit amounts from $200 to $8,000.  The optional catastrophic disability plan can provide up to $3,200 per month.  There is no, medical underwriting, however disability income benefits are subject to a pre-existing condition limitation.

Hospital Income
If you are in the hospital, this plan offers up to $200 a day for employers, employees and their spouses and children to help cover the costs incurred.

Business Overhead Expense
Help keep your practice active when you are disabled.  Benefit options of up to $10,000 per month are available for members maintaining their own offices.

For an overview of PIA's Group Insurance Plans, please download the Highlights Brochure (626K PDF)

PIA National membership, when required, must be current at all times.  Please see the Eligibility section  for membership exceptions.  The complete listing of these coverages, including exclusions and limitations can be found in the policies/certificates.  

If differences exist between these summaries and the policies/certificates, the policies/certificates will govern.   The policies/certificates may vary or be unavailable in some states. To obtain a sample certificate, please contact the Plan Administrator.

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